Bullseye’s Axe Throwing


I can throw an axe, now what?

Throwing an axe is a lot of fun in itself, but adding a competitive twist to it every now and then makes it all the more exciting and enjoyable. Here are some of our games that we recommend you try.

Highest Score Wins

Similar to bowling, you get two throws per frame and then add your scores together at the end of 10 frames. Highest Score Wins


Each thrower gets two consecutive throws per frame. They are awarded point values based on where the axe sticks to the target. The circles in the outer ring are called “kill shots” and are worth 10 points, a bullseye is worth 6 points, and the rest of the points match the value on the board. An axe that doesn’t stick or falls off is worth 0 points.

Everyone rotates through the throwing order until 10 frames are completed. Then scores are added up and the thrower with the highest score wins.



Similar to Cornhole, split your groups into even teams and take turns throwing until one team gets to 21. Play bust or no bust.


Split your group into two even teams and each team will take turns throwing you can play with the standard point values that are on the board, or you can play with “cornhole” point values (anywhere on the board is worth 1 point and a bullseye or killshot is worth 3 points).

One thrower from each team makes a throw and then the lower score is subtracted from the higher score, and points are awarded to the higher scoring team. (For Example; Joe throws a 6 and bob throws a 2, Joe’s team would be awarded 4 points.)

Playing with Bust; if a team goes over 21 then their score goes back to 11. Playing no bust means that if a team goes over 21, they still win.

Playing With Rebuttal; the losing team gets a chance to match or score higher than the winning throw of the winning team. If this happens, then the value of the winning throw is taken away and both teams resume playing.


Connect 5

Similar to Connect 4, the first thrower or team to get 5 in a row wins!


Create a 5×5 grid and assign 5 of each number on the grid in a random pattern (1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 for the bullseye). Teams take turns throwing and filling in a square that matches the number of their throw. (For example Joe throws a 4, he can claim any box in the grid that is numbered 4 for his team).

First team to get five in a row (down, across, or diagonal) wins!

A Kill Shot can be hit at any time to remove a mark from the other team on the grid.

If all grid spots for a certain number are claimed, Hitting that number on the target is just a wasted throw.



Horse, Pig, Cow, whatever you call this game, it is played similarly to the basketball version, but with axes.


First thrower calls out a number and throws. If they stick it, then the second thrower must also stick it or they get a letter. If the first thrower misses, then the second thrower gets to call a shot and throw. This process repeats through your group until everyone is eliminated by spelling the word you chose.




Be mindful of your team’s score and don’t throw onto a landmine which will drop your teams score!


Teams start at 0 points and play to 50.

Set 4 landmine numbers along the way: 1 in the 10s, 1 in the 20s, 1 in the 30s, and 1 in the 40s. These are typically set in the same 1s digit (ex. 12, 22, 32, 42 are landmines).

Landing on a landmine sends the thrower’s team back by 10 points from the number they started at (ex. Starting at 18 points, and throwing a 4 would trigger a landmine and send the team to 8 points).

Landmines are common to both teams. Once a landmine is hit, it is safe to hit for the rest of the game (like real landmines, they can only blow up once!).


Around the World

Each team must hit every number on the board in order, and reverse order, for victory.


Each team must hit every number on the board from low to high, in order, and then again in reverse, in reverse order.

In other words, each team must hit a 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1.

First team to complete the loop wins.

You can make this game harder by requiring each team hit the killshot after the second time they score a 1 in order to win.